Monday, April 14, 2008

Clinton Catapulting to Lead in PA

According to a recent poll, Sen. Hillary Clinton is leading Sen. Barrack Obama in the Pennsylvania Primary by an even 20 percentage points, with four percent left undecided. Additionally, ten percent of those surveyed, likely Democrat primary voters, say they would never vote for Sen. Clinton, whereas 24 percent said they would never vote for Sen. Obama.

The question remains whether or not Sen. Obama has support among, and the ability to turn out, young voters who are not considered “likely primary voters.” If he does, then most of the poling data that comes out during this cycle is off. If not, then the hype and mystique that Sen. Obama has worked up over this past month was a sham. He has convinced many of his inevitability, but has offered up little proof of this. A month of loud and uplifting (only in that it is so empty it can lift itself and take voters with it) does not a successful campaign make.

April 22. We’ll see what’s next.

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Dan Fitzpatrick said...

Reap the whirlwind, Obama.