Monday, April 7, 2008

Soldiers Prefer Dems Says ABC News... or is "News" not the right term?

A recent ABC NEWS story reported that most US Military personnel preferred one of the Democrat presidential hopefuls in the upcoming election. Despite the fact that most American military personnel voted for President Bush in 2004, ABC interviewed five soldiers who all seemed to support a Democrat. (four for Senator Barack Obama, one for Senator Hillary Clinton) None who were interviewed supported the presumptive nominee, Senator John McCain.

I honestly don’t think it would be that hard to find a soldier who supported McCain. This whole story smells greatly of a pro-Dem piece of yellow journalism, and a sad statement about media’s involvement in politics. Stories such as this serve less to report the news and more to disseminate a viewpoint. One that may be grossly out of line with what the reality of the situation suggests. How many soldiers are in favor of McCain? With news reporting like this, we will never know.

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