Monday, November 12, 2007

The Baro Doesn't Like Black People?

That's the message that protesters from the Black Cultural Center tried to send to the huddled masses waiting to get into the OSU-UW football game Saturday. Standing in a "circle" (looked more like a triangle to me) and holding signs that proclaimed an anti-diversity bias at OSU's camups daily and expounded such claims as "It's not just face paint" in reference to photograph run on the front page of the Baro preceeding the student-led "Black Out Reser" initiative.

I'll be giving a full discourse on this subject in the next Liberty, but just to be clear, if one looks at historical evidence, the Baro is the most diversity friendly (in the university's definition of diversity) newspapers anywhere, not just at OSU. It would appear the the multiculturalism crowd has a "one-strike" policy on not being nice to minorities.

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Dan Fitzpatrick said...

Yes, the Barometer is OSU-approved diverse. Unfortunately for them, they are also incredibly inept. They don't know what to do when difficult situations come up. For example, it took them a week to come up with a response to Roman Nose's column, they apparently told people they would not take anymore anti-blackface columns, and their ineptitude only worsens the problem as now people are saying their opinions are being "silenced."

If the Baro wanted to do something to help themselves, they would realize that they are not a megaphone for the student body--they are an organization that has its own views and policies. Once they decide to have a solid position on the issue, they can start dealing with it instead of vainly trying to stay above it.