Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rep. Ron Rakes In Internet Cash

Rep. Ron Paul, Republican candidate for President, managed to raise 4.2 million dollars in an exclusively online fundraising effort to commemorate Guy Fawkes Day, November 5. Many will remember Guy Fawkes Day as the day, in 1605, a group of anti-royalist conspirators attempted to assassinate the King and Parliament of England by blowing up Westminster Palace during the State Opening of Parliament. Conclusions about Paul’s intentions for Congress and the President may be drawn now.

But the better question is, what could have $4.2 Million have gone towards that would provide more benefit to the 37000 people who donated it. Well,

  • At current estimated cost of attendance, 80 people could have earned degrees from OSU
  • Alternatively, one could have purchased 23333 cases of Natty Ice beer and had one hell of a frat party
  • 168 Environment saving hybrid cars (estimated cost of 25000 per)
  • Thirty million copies of The Liberty could have been printed.
  • We could have gotten an office. The most epic college newspaper office ever
  • Or 210 thousand gallons of Rogue Dead Guy Ale

But to be more realistically, here’s what $4.2 million won’t buy Rep. Paul

  • Fame and adoration outside of his small internet following
  • Legitimacy
  • Any sort of sensible approach to government
  • Any shot in hell of wining the Presidency, or the Republican nomination.

Happy Spending, Rep. Paul!

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