Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome to the Liberty Blog

In the greatest traditions of the internet, we have established a blog.

This blog shall be a forum for commentary, satire, and the occasional bit of political rambling and posturing. Please feel free to comment. Also enjoy our regular website:

Recently, Greg Kendoll (Associate Editor) and Rockne Roll (Executive Editor) attended the Collegiate Network Editor's Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. The conference is the largest gathering of conservative collegiate journalists in the country. The bar tab reflected this fact. A session on journalism as a career mainly consisted of sitting at the hotel bar and watching UO march to victory over ASU. When the gentleman hosting the session was asked about this , his responce was something along the lines of "if you are really going into journalism, get used to this." It wasn't all fun and games, though it was all fun; A lot was learned, particularly about layout. You'll see results in print editions soon. But the best part really was the interactions with other papers, sharing tips and tricks.

During the game and most of the weekend, The Liberty staff enjoyed the presence of Ossie Bladine (Editor in Chief) and CJ Ciaramella (Associate Editor) from The Oregon Commentator, a conservative publication at UO. Plans for collabration were laid and the Civil War rivalry was cast aside in order that the two Oregon schools could pose a united front against the Ivy League pretentiousness that was so clearly expressed by (first and foremost) Harvard and others. Notable accomplices in our crusade, which mainly involved sitting around (you guessed it) the bar and watching football (like normal, non-Ivy College students), were the staff of The Sentinel (Ohio State University) and The Orange and Blue Observer (University of Illinois).

Thanks to everyone who was at the conference, to CN for hosting all of us, and especially to Joe Lindsley for letting us "put it on 289."

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