Thursday, November 8, 2007

Oregon Splits on Dem Designed Ballot

Oregon voters approved Measure 49, but rejected Measure 50 in a special election on Tuesday. So now we have it on record: Oregonians care about taxes, but not land use rights.

Eminent domain is now statute in Oregon. Even those with property inside UGBs, who supported the measure out of financial interest, will have to worry that government will want their land for something else. If any level of government wants your ground, they can take it out from under you. Doesn't mean they will, but the idea that they can is a blow to freedom.

Even though there were a million good reasons to oppose 50, the tobacco funded ads, cited by liberals as the deciding factor, picked the "Not in our constitution" argument to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The next print edition of The Liberty will showcase some of the arguments not given by the measure's official opponents.

About that print edition: it'll be out soon. Promise up and down.

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